Yavuz Sultan Selim – English

Name:Yavuz Sultan Selim

Date of Birth:1470



Mother:Ayşe Hatun (Dulkadirli)

Throne out of date:24 April 1512

Throne out of age:42 age

The end of his reing:22 September 1520

Throne reason of leaving:Death

The reing time:8 year, 5 month

Death History:22 September 1520

Death reason:Cancer

Died in:Çorlu

In which it is embedded:İstanbul, The altar in front of the tomb of Sultan Selim Mosque

Governorates:Trabzon (1494-1510), Semendire (1511)

Period:Increase in speed.

Events of the period.

II. Forced to leave the deal on the separation of the Prince in the throne of Bayezid I. Selim I (Yavuz Sultan Selim) ascended the throne in Istanbul. -1512

II. Bayezid’s death. -1512

Prince Ahmed Edan rebellion in Anatolia, Amasya attacked and captured the city of Sultan declared. -1512

Grand Vizier Koca Mustafa Pasha was executed. -1512

Yavuz Sultan Selim, with 5 of his nephew died before their father had the death. -1512

Yavuz Sultan Selim, the struggle for power will begin re-execution news that his brother, Korkut, had the Prince Governor of Manisa. -1513

Yavuz Sultan Selim I began the struggle for the throne against the other brother, Prince Ahmed, Mudanya was defeated in battle and was killed by death. -1513

Yavuz Sultan Selim, the Iranian military expedition (May 26) -1514

Caldiran War: Iranian ruler Shah Ismail’s forces north of Lake Van Çaldıran’da experiencing Sultan Selim I and Shah Ismail’s forces were defeated. -1514

Amasya, who want to pass the winter and walk back to Iran, Sultan Selim Yavuz Sultan Selim, who opposed the janissaries etti.Yavuz rebellion, sedition, which the military had the Grand Vizier Ahmed Pasha executed. -1515

Walking on a Amasya Selim Kemah, Kemah, and the Ottoman Empire annexed the land of all Dulkadirogullari. -1515

Iran completed the expedition of Yavuz Sultan Selim, returned to Istanbul, and Iran accused of instigating the military at a time, and the historian Tacızade Kazasker Osman Aga Cafer Celebi Sekbanbaşı Balyemez executed this quarter. -1515

Opportunity to return to Istanbul by Sultan Selim I know Shah Ismail Khan, the pro-Land forces seized Diyarbakir. So it was decided to send large forces in the city. Mehmet Pasha, the Ottoman army commanded by mustache, Kelly sees the situation getting worse, captured without incident Khan fled to Diyarbakir. -1515

Bearded seizing Diyarbakir Mehmet Pasha, near Mardin Koçhisar’da Baet.Thus his forces in battle Shah Ismail of Egypt, the conquest of the Southeastern Anatolian territories of the Ottoman Empire and the way was paved passed (April 26) .- 1516

Expedition to Egypt, Sultan Selim and Mercidabik War. -1516

In a stroke of the right to Damascus Sultan Selim, who surrendered the city of Hama input (September 19) .- 1516

Yavuz Sultan Selim, entered the city of Damascus (Sept. 27) .- 1516

Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha, the commander of the Mamluk army under the command of al-Ghazali in Gaza near Khan Yunis Canberdi was defeated (December 21) .- 1516

Yavuz Sultan Selim, entered Jerusalem (30 December) 1516

Yavuz Sultan Selim, entered Gaza (January 2) .- 1517

The expedition against Egypt and the Sinai desert, the army, Hussein Pasha, Grand Vizier, which suggests that it is impossible to spend executed edildi.-1517

Ridaniye War (22 January) 1517

The conquest of Cairo (January 29) .- 1517

In the Ottoman Empire in the Hijaz, “the Holy Relics,” Yavuz Sultan was delivered. -1517

Returned to Istanbul, the Ottoman navy. -1517

Yavuz Sultan Selim, Egypt, Syria, was divided. -1517

No expedition to Egypt, and conquered Egypt Circassian Bey’s appointment that my Grand Vizier Piri Yunus Pasha, Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha was brought to execution. -1518

Ongoing for over two years who successfully complete the expedition in Egypt, Sultan Selim, returned to Istanbul. The sultan in Istanbul for a while, then went to Edirne. -1518

The Rebellion of the first Jalal Anatolia. -1519

Barbaros Hayrettin ruler of Algeria, wanted to connect to the Ottoman Sultan Selim I said contacting. The proposal was accepted Barbaros Hayrettin’e Beylerbeyliği Algeria. -1519

Yavuz Sultan Selim, gave the land and commissioned the construction of a large fleet of Piri Mehmet Pasa, the Golden Horn asked for a new shipyard. -1519

Yavuz Sultan Selim, who left for Istanbul to Edirne, near the back of the boil Corlu died because of disease caused. -1520

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